Welcome to my new web site.   It has taken some time to get this back up and running but I hope the wait was worth the time and effort.  Please stay awhile and look around, particularly in the resource section where you can find a variety of resources on a number of topics encountered or typically discussed by clients in my office.   I hope you find something of use to you as you work to create your path to a more contented life.  From time to time, perhaps even weekly, I hope to be sharing some thoughts and experiences that some might call wisdom, gathered over the 30 years of experience I possess as a practicing psychologist.  There has been so much to learn and with each new learning comes the realization that there is even more to learn about the human condition, how we cope with stress and distress, as well as how many people have demonstrated such tremendous resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable pain to find themselves, more often, in a place of contentment, as we travel through life. Hope to see you soon but best wishes for a Happy (Contented), Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

Take care, be well, and enjoy,

Doc Savage or “Doctor Pat” as some of the kids who see me say.

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