Information for Educators

We routinely provide assessment services for elementary, middle, high school, college and post-graduate levels of education, tailoring the battery of tests and recommendations to the unique requirements and needs of the student. The results of the neuropsychoeducational evaluation are used to help explain why a student is experiencing difficulty performing up to his or her potential in school or why a student is having negative feelings about the education process, resulting in resistance to completing schoolwork and, in extreme cases, school refusal and or failure. The results can also be used to determine the characteristics of a learning environment in which a student might thrive versus one where they might experience frustration and/or failure.  This information can be integrated with an educator’s personal knowledge of the learner in order to facilitate the learner’s acquisition of the knowledge and skills being transferred from the educator to the learner.

Information concerning cognitive strengths is used to help design interventions that are detailed in the “Recommendations” section of the written report. This section outlines educational accommodations, compensatory strategies, environmental engineering, and the strengthening of both broad skill areas (organization, planning, time management, i.e., “executive skills”) as well as more specific skill areas (reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, etc.). We are also aware of the sometimes corrosive effects upon one’s self concept that these issues can create and offer supportive psychotherapeutic recommendations for the student and/or their parents in order to improve one’s view of themselves, which generally results in improved emotional adjustment. We can and do provide recommendations for consultations with other providers for an array of care options, e.g., medication, nutritional supplements, tutoring, and neurofeedback when these treatments have demonstrated adequate scientific efficacy. Our experience is that it often takes a combination of care strategies to produce the improvements in one’s life in order to become sustainable over time.

We offer briefer evaluations, when desired that can be used to meet the admissions requirements of many of the private schools.

Lastly, we offer evaluations for older students entering into college or advanced education that provide documentation of a student’s learning challenges, for those seeking accommodations for high stakes testing such as SAT, ACT, MCATs, LSATs, etc., the accommodations required of the educational institution that the student is attending, as well as the steps the student can take to lessen the impact of their challenges upon their educational endeavors.