Evaluations: Child/Adolescent


For younger individuals, often the neuropsychologist is concerned with how the child’s, adolescent’s, or young adult’s  brain development or neurological status is related to his or her difficulties with learning, acquiring new skills, or managing daily life.  A major purpose of obtaining the comprehensive overview of cognitive function is to both obtain diagnostic clarity but more importantly to develop a more effective care plan.   Utilizing strengths to help develop and strengthening existing abilities can be crucial to supporting an individuals movement towards a healthy and independent adulthood.  While we prefer to provide comprehensive evaluations, if you wish, you can discuss and request more limited and targeted evaluations with us.

Evaluations are available to assist in entry to school, obtaining accommodations and/or specialized educational resources (504/IEP plans), or for obtaining accommodations for high stakes testing i.e., SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, ACT, etc.