Insurance Information

We would like to thank you for choosing one of us to provide your mental health care. Each one of us is committed to providing the best treatment and treatment experience for you or your family member.

We want you to know that we do not work directly for insurance companies. Rather, we have chosen to work for you, the client, in an effort to provide you with high quality services while protecting your personal privacy from unnecessary intrusion. Although we do not work directly for insurance companies, many of our clients find that they can be reimbursed by their insurance companies for a percentage of our fees. We are committed to helping you negotiate the confusing and often cumbersome maze of insurance. While many of our services qualify for insurance reimbursement, some do not and that will vary by insurance carrier. Our office manager are knowledgeable and willing to assist you in your efforts to recoup as much money as you are eligible to receive from your insurer.

We are aware that both your time and money are valuable resources. Hence, we are committed to providing a service to you that we hope you will find helpful, useful and of both short and long lasting value to you.

We invite you to ask any additional questions about our fees and insurance, please feel free to call Dr. Savage’s office manager, Medina, at 301-587-2818, opt 2, opt 1, she will be glad to discuss any questions about our fees and insurance related issues.