Eating Disorders


Brown, Harriet (2010).  Brave girl eating.  NY: HarperCollins.  A book describing a family based approach for treating anorexia.  This might not work for families in high conflict, but well worth reading.

Collins, Laura (2005).  Eating with your anorexic: how my child recovered through family-based treatment and you can too.  NY:  McGraw Hill.  Book by parent about how she implemented the Maudsley intervention.  Although she often comes across as angry – the book can be helpful to parents.

Hall, Lindsey & Ostroff, Monika (1999).  Anorexia nervosa: a guide to recovery.  Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books.  Practical, supportive book for adults with eating disorders.

Halse, Laurie (2009).  Wintergirls.  NY, NY: Penguin Group.  Novel for teens and young adults about a girl who restricts her eating and cuts.

Hornbacher, Marya (1998).  Wasted.  NY: HarperCollins.  True story of a young person with a severe eating disorder.  The book pulls no punches and should only be read by clients if approved of by the treatment team (parents & therapist).

Lock, James & Le Grange, Daniel (2005).  Help your teenager beat an eating disorder.  NY:  Guilford Press.  A book about eating disorders and how parents can help.

Satter, Ellyn (1987).  How to get your kid to eat… but not too much.  CA:  Bull Publishing.  Advice for parents of children from birth to adolescents.

Siegel, Michele, Brisman, Judith & Weinshel, Margot (2009).  Surviving an eating disorder: strategies for family and friends.  NY:  Harper.  A classic book for those supporting a loved one with an eating disorder.

Schaeffer, Jenni (2004).  Life without Ed: how one woman declared independence from her eating disorder and how you can too, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies.  An easy to read, motivating first person account about how to beat an eating disorder.

Strober, Michael & Schneider, Meg (2006).  Just a little too thin: how to pull your child back from the brink of an eating disorder.  Cambridge, MA:  Perseus Books Group.  Ideas about how to help teenage girls who are beginning to be too body and food conscious to avoid a getting an eating disorder.