Grief and Loss

Buscaglia, Leo (1982).  The fall of Freddie the leaf.  NJ: Slack.  For children.  A story about a leaf to help children understand life and death.  Non-religious, but suitable for all denominations.

Clifton, Lucille (1983).  Everett Anderson’s goodbye.  NY: Henry Holt. Illustrated picture book of a young African American boy who lost his father.  Takes reader through the stages of grief.

Kroen, William (1996).  Helping children cope with the loss of a loved one: a guide for grownups.  MN: Free Spirit Publications.  A book to help parents understand and help their children cope with death.

Grollman, Earl A. (1990).  Talking about death: a dialogue between parent and child.  Boston MA: Beacon Press.  A book to help children (and parents too) with death.

Higginbotham, Anastasia (2016).  Death is stupid.  NY: Feminist Press.  Best picture book on death for children.  Even though a picture book, appropriate for kids up until their teens.

Mellonie, Bryan & Ingpen, Robert (1983).  Lifetimes: the beautiful way to explain death to children.  NY: Bantam Books.  Nondenominational picture book explaining life and death cycles of living things including people.