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Are you looking for help with a personal or family challenge? We know that this can be a difficult and frequently overwhelming experience. Common questions you might be asking are: How do I know who is best qualified to assist me? Whom do I trust? Will they be sensitive to my or my loved one's problems, pain, issues, difficulties or challenges? How will they be helpful? We invite you to visit our website, get to know us, and hopefully, find some of the answers you seek.

Our guiding principle is. . ."Seek first to understand, then be understood.†" We recognize some of our clients are seeking relief from their pain, others to master various life challenges, but that all are seeking to be treated with respect and understanding, as well as to be valued for their many strengths. We take a holistic approach with people, working hard to develop an accurate understanding of each individual and their unique pattern of cognitive, emotional, biological, educational, occupational, and interpersonal issues. Our initial goal is to develop a safe, accepting, and supportive therapeutic relationship that provides the foundation for change.

Real and lasting change can be a difficult journey that may begin in the office but continues outside of therapy sessions. Change is an active process involving work in one's daily life. When warranted and with client knowledge and permission, we collaborate with schools, doctors, tutors, hospitals, family members, etc, to facilitate such change.

Treatment is designed to help you, our clients resolve the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals. While we attempt to integrate and individually tailor the most current scientific principles and research into our therapeutic approach, we remain aware of the central importance of the therapeutic relationship as the springboard from which emerges real change. The goal is to combine our extensive experience in caring for people with treatments that offer the greatest opportunity for positive change.

We invite you to browse our site. If you have questions or think we can help, please give us a call. We see clients in two locations.

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